The Vukallective is a collective of forward-thinking-boundary-pushing-toe-stepping artists.

Together we aim to subvert ideas around the arts in South Africa by providing high-quality work.

We collaborate with People and Companies who think and do things differently than the rest of the flock. 

A group of artists who love to create multi-disciplinary work and that's on periodt.


LIV DIE X VUKALLECTIVE - First Award Winner in the Lockdown Theatre Awards at the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre



Since 2014

the Vukallective has been creating.

In our archive, we work to ensure that every single person, animal and entity we have worked with receives credit.



Work with us

The Vukallective loves working with others, we believe that collaboration across different disciplines is one of the only ways to not stagnate and continuously create the "same show" for the "same audience" every time.

If you like what you see then send us a message and let's chat about working together on a project. It doesn't need to just be Theatre, we are totally versatile...   

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