The Vukallective was established in 2014 as an artist collective, primarily working on projects on a part-time basis. Over the past seven years the organisation has grown, evolved and integrated its perspectives around the performing arts in South Africa.


The collective was born out of rebellion in a province of South Africa plagued by corruption and inequality to serve as a beacon of hope to artists and the community.

We have a proven talent for creating work under various constraints. The limits are always there, but we do it anyway. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and over the years, we have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality productions and projects. We are growth-focused thought leaders with expertise in theatre production, design, event management, social media, content creation and anything we set our minds to.


Our aesthetic and perspective on current trends and social consciousness have translated into award-winning productions such as Liv Die x Vukallective (2020) TEHUIS (2019), AVU (2016) and Let's Eat Hair (2015). Our motto Creativity through Diversity is the driving force behind our work encouraging us to push boundaries in the arts by offering audiences works that are entertaining, exciting but most importantly, thought-provoking.


Vukallective’s team consists of founders Mark Antony Dobson (Marketing and Development Manager – Vrystaat Arts Festival) Michael Garbett (Programme Manager - Vrystaat Arts Festival) Michelle Kim Hoffman (Head of Drama Studies - Noble Hills Academy, Shanghai) and Jane Mamotse Mpholo (Debut Program Ambassador – Business Arts South Africa). These individuals are the heart, mind, and soul of the company whose passion and drive animate the work of the Vukallective


Ironically our act of rebellion has served as the launchpad for our careers and has opened many new opportunities for us and those we work with. Every artist has a herd that they are trying to inspire and show that there is more to this thing we call life. Partner with the Vukallective. Let’s make it happen.









The best way to find out what you are looking for is to drop us an email, WhatsApp or call.  

Frequently asked questions

Where does the name Vukallective come from?

"Vuka" - is Zulu for "Arise" or "Wake up" and has similar meanings in other languages. We wanted the collective to reflect the diverse cultures of South Africa. An artist "collective" is an initiative that is the result of a group of artists working together, towards shared aims. Vuka + Collective = Vukallective

Do you only do Theatre?

No, we do whatever we want. Theatre is just mostly what we want to do, but ask us what you need and we can make it happen. And if we can't we will point you in the right direction.

Is the Vukallective really a cult? one day. Cults are well funded. The arts are not. We just like the colour black so that rumour was started by pure jealousy. *If there is however a respectable cult out there that wants to fund/buy a rad collective of artists hit us up. Everyone has a price.

Where are you located?

We are mainly based in Bloemfontein South Africa, but we travel. Plus everything is online now. Let's schedule a Zoom!

Will you produce my project?

Get in touch and tell us what you have in mind. If we like something we will find the money to do it!